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Date/Time Opposing Team Location Game Type
Oct 18 7:00 PM Aloha Mountainside Metro
Date/Time Opposing Team Location Game Type
Oct 17 4:15 PM Aloha Aloha Metro
Date/Time Opposing Team Location Game Type
Oct 17 TBD TBD TBD non-Metro

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Volunteer Opportunities and Sign-up sheets
Posted : Sep 05, 2019 12:28 AM by: K. Summers

At practice today (Thursday Sept. 5), each Varsity and Varsity Swing player will be given one player card on a lanyard to bring home.  This card has all the player information and game schedule on a lanyard.  Should anyone want additional cards will be available for purchase at the games.  The cost is $5.00 per card.

CHAIN GANG for HOME GAMES:  Volunteers needed! Our team is required to provide 4 people to mark the yardage and spot the ball for all home games. Please sign up for  at least one game for your player’s team.  ***PERK – volunteers get in free to the game!*** 

VARSITY Chain Gang Link https://signup.com/go/pEftvxm 

JJV Chain Gang Link  https://signup.com/go/TUpZECA

Freshman Chain Gang link  https://signup.com/go/bZbjqcB


VARSITY Families:

BREAKFAST SIGN UPS:  On Saturday mornings after the Friday game, the Varsity team meets to condition, weight train and eat breakfast.  We need 3 families per week to coordinate and bring breakfast for the Varsity Football team.  You will need to bring entree/drinks/paper products and serving utensils.  Feel free to host on your own or have a restaurant cater it, if you would rather not cook.  Any questions, please email Tori Pontrelli at tori@travelportland.com.  Please sign up at the link below:

The breakfast sign-ups are almost complete.  There are only two dates left to be filled – 9/14 and 10/19.

Sign up Sheet  https://signup.com/go/vooGGXs


JV Familes:

We are still looking for a Parent Coordinator for the Junior Varsity team, so player cards have not yet been made.  If you would like to volunteer to make the cards for the JV team, we can get the template to you ASAP.   This team is in need of a Parent Coordinator and we ask that each of you consider take the job!  The season will not be as smooth without you!  

As of yet, we have not had any parents sign up for Wednesday Team Dinners https://signup.com/go/hWuffcA  or Chain gang https://signup.com/go/TUpZECA  

Your participation and support is important to get this season off to a good start!  Please consider volunteering for at least one thing this season. 


Freshman Families:

Jacqui Carpenter has graciously stepped up to be your volunteer coordinator.  Please look for e-mail from her, or reach out to her at: carpenterjacqui@yahoo.com

Your Team Dinner sign-up sheet is: 

Freshmen Meal link  https://signup.com/go/hLGzfEq


Thank you for your support!  GO MAVS!



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